I would stop buying makeup but I’m not a quitter

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ABH Amrezy Highlighter did THAT

A makeup product worth reading about. … Continue reading →

A blushin’ crush

I couldn’t wait to share this dazzling, baked blush that I’ve been trying out for some time! If you’re into light pink, shimmery blushes like I am, you’ll definitely want to see this. What better way to bring it onto my blog than right before we get hit with those glowy summer looks! This blush… Continue reading →

Glossy Lips – We’re In

Summer is in full swing and I’m loving the heat. Is it the sweet, refreshing air? Is it that one, catchy song reminding you of a happy life? Or is it the infinite amount of looks you can create with a simple tank and killer gloss? We’ve all witness the trend of matte liquid lipsticks… Continue reading →

Phase one: Believe in yourself

I never really figured out the ‘proper’ way to write this for my readers, or maybe specifically to the people who are interested in what I do or the area I specialize in. Truth is, there is no proper way. And it’s better this way because now you get my honest, original and deep-hearted feelings… Continue reading →

New launch of false lash brand, Baby Coco Lash

When it comes to false lashes, you either love them or you can’t be bothered to poke your eye out by them. Not only is getting into the crevice of your eyeball intimidating and terrifying, but having to pay more than $10 for a long-lasting pair is not ideal – not to mention when shipping… Continue reading →